EGF 25% Lifting Serum 30ml.

EGF 25% Lifting Serum 30ml.


EGF 25% + Agireline + Copper Peptide Collagen Lifting Serum


    Why this Magic Solution so effective? 

    a substance which occurs naturally in human skin and has the ability to increase  the rate of cell turnover within the skin.

    Tea tree extract
    cleansing, antibacterial, antiviral ,adresses acne and break outs

    25% Argireline
    Unique anti-aging peptide specifically designed to provide fast and visible  results.

    Copper Peptide
    Copper Peptide is essential for life in humans and can protect skin from  oxidative damage. Studies show that this small molecule can rebuild the skin,  repair wrinkles, restore your skin’s youthful glow, reduce skin’s laxity,  mottled pigmentation, fade appearance of scars when used with exfoliating acids  and even reset your skin’s DNA to its youthful state.