Copper Peptide Derma Roller Treatment 5ml.

Copper Peptide Derma Roller Treatment 5ml.


Copper Peptide Anti Aging  Derma Roller Serum.


    Copper Peptide is essential for life in humans and can protect skin from oxidative damage. Studies show that this small molecule can rebuild the skin, repair wrinkles, restore your skin’s youthful glow, reduce skin’s laxity, mottled pigmentation, fade appearance of scars when used with exfoliating acids and even reset your skin’s DNA to its youthful state.

    Appearance: Water-based
    Preservative: preservatives and Artificial color free;sterilized in glass vial for freshness,
    Storage: Recommend to complete the whole vial
    Size: 5ml/0.169 oz
    Usage: Professional/ Home usage
    Treatment types: Use alone or with an appropriate transdermal method (electroporation, electrophoresis, derma needle, iontophoresis, ultrasonophoresis)
    Directions: Apply serum on cleanse skin before and after rolling. You can also use alone in the evening before bedtime. Leave overnight and rinse only the next morning.